Review: Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season by Sally Roth

Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season by Sally Roth

I picked this book up used at Hastings for $10 but it is new at Amazon for just under $7 (I have no affiliation), making it a great deal.

Sally is passionate about her love for birds, and this book is based from her own observations and actions. What makes this book stand out is that it is divided into the seasons. This means you can read about what is the best thing to do in the here and now, as well as begin to plan for the next season. This is important because of bird migrations, the different uses of shelter as the seasons change, and food choices.

PROs – The book is laid out by seasons in short, titled paragraphs making information easy to find, and to supplement this there are tables, bullet lists, and plenty of pictures.

CONs – She uses personal illustrations throughout the book that can slow down the reading and make skimming for actual information more difficult. The annoyance of this will depend on you! You will want to take what she says about plants in a general way, and then do your own research so that you are not planting invasive species in your area. For instance, she suggests Virginia Creeper; Dave’s Garden has 51 positive reviews to 83 negative reviews on this plant for good reason.

Bottom Line – This is agreat book, particularly if you are new to helping out our wild birds. It should not be used as a guide to birds, though that is a part of the book, but a guide to how you can do your part to help them. Since reading the book I have made by own bird food to help a flock of black birds and song birds survive a harsh cold snap, and my love of chickadees has certainly increased. That is worth the reading price alone.